Chris Brown – Discography + Videography

DOWNLOAD: F.A.M.E. (Deluxe Version) [Album]

DOWNLOAD: Deuces [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: No B______t [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Yeah 3x [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Look At Me Now [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: She Ain’t You [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Next to You (feat. Justin Bieber) [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Champion (feat. Chris Brown) [Music Video] 

1. Beautiful People (Felix Cartal Club Remix)
2. Beautiful People (The Knocks Club Remix)
3. Beautiful People (Ultimate High Radio Remix)
4. Beautiful People (Lenny B Radio Mix)
5. Beautiful People (Cosmic Dawn Club Remix)
6. Beautiful People (Tonal Radio Remix)
DOWNLOAD: Look At Me Now [Single] 
1. Beautiful People (Main Version) 
 2. Beautiful People (Club Version)
 DOWNLOAD: Beautiful People [Single]
1. Deuces (Remix) [feat. Drake & Kanye West]
2. Deuces (Remix) [feat. T.I. & Rick Ross]
3. Deuces (Remix) [feat. Fabolous & André 3000]
4. Deuces (Remix) [feat. Drake, Kanye West & André 3000]
5. Deuces (Remix) [feat. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross & André 3000]
DOWNLOAD: Deuces Remix [EP]
DOWNLOAD: Deuces (Remix) [Single]
1. Yeah 3X
2. Deuces Remix (feat. Drake & Kanye West)
3. Yeah 3X (Abe Clements Club Remix)   
4. Look At Me Now (feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes) 
DOWNLOAD: Yeah 3x [EP]
DOWNLOAD: Yeah 3X [Single]
1. Deuces (feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall)
 2. No B******t
DOWNLOAD: Deuces [Single]
DOWNLOAD: Graffiti (Expanded Version) [Album & Digital Booklet]
DOWNLOAD: I Can Transform Ya [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Crawl [Music Video]
1. Crawl
2. Crawl (Manhattan Clique Remix) 
3. I Can Transform Ya (feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz)
  DOWNLOAD: Crawl [EP]

DOWNLOAD: Sing Like Me [Single]
DOWNLOAD: Crawl [Single]

DOWNLOAD: I Can Transform Ya [Single]

DOWNLOAD: Dreamer [Single]

DOWNLOAD: This Christmas [Single]
DOWNLOAD: Exclusive (The Forever Edition) [Album & Digital Booklet]
  DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown On Tour [Video]
DOWNLOAD: Wall to Wall [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Kiss Kiss [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: With You [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Take You Down [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Forever [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Superhuman [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Forever [Single]
1. Forever (Main Version)
2. Forever (23 Deluxe Remix)
3. Forever (Cahill Club Mix)
4. Forever (BobbyBass & J Remy Club Mix)
DOWNLOAD: Forever [EP]
1. Take You Down
2. Take You Down (Music Video)
DOWNLOAD: Take You Down [Single]
1. With You (Main Version)
2. With You (B&B Remix)
3. With You (Kardinal Beats Remix)
4. With You (Tracy Young Remix)
5. With You (Kovas Ghetto Beat Extended Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Kiss Kiss (feat. T-Pain) [Single]
1. Wall to Wall (Main Version)
2. Wall to Wall (Mike D Remix)
3. Wall to Wall (Remix)
4.Wall to Wall (B&B Remix)
5.Wall to Wall (Ashanti Boyz Remix)
DOWNLOAD: Wall to Wall [EP]
DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown [Album]
DOWNLOAD: Run It! [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Yo (Excuse Me Miss) [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Gimme That (Remix) [Music Video]
DOWNLOAD: Say Goodbye [Music Video]
1. Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
2. Yo (Excuse Me Miss) [South Rakkas Reggaeton Mix]
3. Yo (Excuse Me Miss) [Johnny Douglas Remix]
DOWNLOAD: Yo (Excuse Me Miss) [EP]
DOWNLOAD: Gimme That Remix [Single]
1. Run It!
2. Run It! (Partysquad Remix)
DOWNLOAD: Run It! [Single]
1. Run It!
2. Run It!
3. Run It! (Instrumental) 

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