Jagged Edge – Discography + Videography

Download: The Remedy [Album + Digital Booklet]

Download: Baby [Music Video]

1. Baby
2. Baby (Instrumental)
3. Baby (Acapella)

Download: Baby [EP]


Download: Lay You Down [Single]

Download: You Look Good With Me [Single]

1. Tip of My Tongue
2. Tip of My Tongue (Grown and Sexy Version)
3. Tip of My Tongue (Instrumental)

Download: Tip of My Tongue (feat. Trina and Gucci Mane) [EP]

Download: Tip of My Tongue (feat. Trina & Gucci Mane) [Music Video]

Download: Baby Makin’ Project [Album]

Download: Put a Little Umph In It [Music Video]

Download: Jagged Edge: The Hits [Album]

Download: Where the Party At (11-01-01 Dupri Remix) [Music Video]

Download: Let’s Get Married (feat. Run DMC) [Music Video]

Download: Jagged Edge (Bonus Track Version) [Album]

Download: Good Luck Charm [Music Video]

Download: So Amazing [Music Video]

Download: Stunnas [Music Video]

 Download: Hard [Album]

 Download: Walked Outta Heaven [Music Video]

Download: What’s It Like (feat. Jermaine Dupri) [Music Video]

Download: Jagged Little Thrill [Album]

 Download: Where the Party At (feat. Nelly) [Music Video]

Download: Goodbye [Music Video]

Download: J.E. Heartbreak [Album]

Download: Promise [Music Video]

 Download: Let’s Get Married [Music Video]

Download: He Can’t Love U [Music Video]

Download: Keys to the Range (feat. Jermaine Dupri) [Music Video]

Download: A Jagged Era [Album]

Download: I Gotta Be [Music Video]

Download: The Way That You Talk [Music Video]

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