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I have noticed that some people have not noticed that we have a few discographies. These discographies can be found at the top of the blog. Simply click on your favorite artist’s name and you will be re directed to their discography. At this time we only have select few but hope to add to it in the future.


Alright we here at the blog have decided to start a V.I.P. blog . Now This does not mean we are ending this blog…I repeat, not ending this blog. This blog will run the same, just on a bit of a delay. On Tuesdays we will be posting the noteworthy new music on the V.I.P. blog then shortly after we will post it on here. Also the V.I.P. Blog will contain other exclusive items that will not be seen here such as discographies and rare albums. So by now you’re probably asking yourself “How do I access this blog?”. Well it is simple just send some iTunes plus stuff to . Then we will determine if it is worthy of receiving an invitation. So fret not we wil be going just as hard on this blog but a little harder on the V.I.P. blog. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments.